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5 Secrets to Brain Health: Live Smart, Stay Sharp


Barnes and Nobel, NOOK Book Edition

Amazon, Kindle Edition

Seven Secrets of a Happy Marriage: The Best Advice from the World's Most Popular Magazine Column

Workman—2nd edition

Riveting in detail and filled with dozens of real life stories, this book takes readers behind the closed doors of other people’s lives and into the offices of marital therapists – where conflicts are laid bare and solutions found. An interactive workbook section of quizzes, self-appraisals and exercises helps readers recognize and resolve their own trouble spots.


Gridlock: Finding the Courage to Move on in Love, Life and Work


For anyone who has every been stuck—in a bad relationship, dead-end career, floundering friendship or hurtful family interaction, this book offers clear, concise explanations of why we do what we do. You’ll learn the tools and skills you need to cut through confusion and self-doubt and move on with your life.

How Could You Do This to Me? Learning to Trust After Betrayal


Betrayal shatters self-esteem and makes us feel unsafe—emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially. Unfaithful lovers, backstabbing colleagues, rivalrous friends—this book shows you how to recognize them, de-fuse their power, and most important of all, trust yourself again.


Childhood Revealed: Art Expressing Pain, Discovery & Hope with the NYU Child Study Center

Harry Abrams

Take a journey into the hearts and minds of children struggling with emotional problems. Their artwork shown here, as well as the interviews with leading experts in the field of psychiatry and mental health, offers advice for parents and educators in a moving testimony to resilience of children.



Can This Marriage Be Saved? Real-life Cases from Ladies’ Home Journal


Every marriage has problems. The pressures are real—and they never let up: Money, children, infidelity, the endless decisions over issues large and small. Ladies’ Home Journal’s landmark column shows you how to spot the landmines common to every marriage—and what you can do to avoid them or defuse them entirely.


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